Friday, April 3, 2009

"Quilts" Around our House

I asked my son what I should write about (on the computer) today and he said his blanket. He must have been having a "cuddly" day. So, here are a few of the blankets/quilts in our house. This blanket/comforter is the one I made before my son was born. We didn't know the gender of our baby, so i needed one that worked for a boy or a girl. . .and one that matched a few of the sheets I had already purchased. I made ties on it to make sure it stayed secure to the crib, rather than being able to cover the baby in its sleep. Oh the things that are important to you when you are a few months from having your first!
This was a quilt made by one of our aunts for my son after he was born. It is one of those shaggy ones (I know there is a name for it, but I just can't think of it now--sorry!). It is made out of the greatest and softest flannel. He LOVED it! Now we hang it in his room.
This the quilt my daughter received from the MSA Hospital (made by the Abbotsford Quilter's Guild) after spending some time in the NICU when she was born. After 10 days of being in the NICU, the little babies who stay there all receive a quilt. We have displayed it in her room since she was born. This is a blanket that was made by one of my grade one students before my daughter was born. She worked on it all year with a little help from her mom. She told me that she had picked out the yarn and everything (its that beautiful soft kind!) and chose these colours because she did not know the gender of the baby. What a wonderful gift to be given for my baby! (And what talent!!!)
This is our latest blanket. Obviously from the Abbotsford Fire Rescue. . .my husband got it this week.

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