Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Snapfish Book

A (long!) while back, Oprah had a show about organizing your home. One of the ideas had to do about saving your children's work into photo books rather than having huge art pieces to save and all that goes along with the great art your children produce. Snapfish was featured for this purpose. So, I got right on board trying out one of these books. I--I mean, my hubby and I--had this great idea. My father-in-law passed away quite suddenly a year and a half ago. At the funeral, everyone was given an opportunity to share a memory of him if they wanted to. Up to this point, my mother-in-law just kept these pieces of paper in a zip-lock. While I think I might be the queen of Ziploc, I figured there had to be a better place for these memories. So, we decided to put them in a book--the Snapfish photo book.

So, we did. . .but the book never arrived. I contacted the company. . .a few times. And in the end, it turned out they had lost my order. I was sad, and too annoyed at the time and at it all to re-do it. (It was quite a bit of work!!!) So. . .I left it alone for a bit.

Then, I got an e-mail on Valentine's Day. That would be about 4-5 months after the order was ever placed. That would be 2 months after I had heard that my entire order was lost. the e-mail told me my order was being shipped. What order? I thought. Two glorious weeks later, what arrived in the mail, but the book I had originally ordered!!!

The above picture is the cover. the nice hard cover. Below is one of the inside pages (of my father-in-law and our family), to give you an idea of what we did. We inserted all the memories people had written, and also put in many of the pictures from the slide show that was shown at the funeral.
As a side note. . .the one picture of Frank holding little baby Allyson. . .that is one of the three pictures taken that day--one of the three pictures we have of Frank even holding Ally. It is also one of the two time he was ever able to hold her. To our family, that particular picture is a treasured memory.
So. . .I am totally impressed with the book (and the idea!!!). There are lots of companies that do this type of thing. . .such as blurb. Also stores, like London Drugs, Walmart. . .yah. Thank you Snapfish for following through for us. It made me happy (and my mother-in-law loved it, too!!!)

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otto said...

Hello susan,

I just found your blog posting and was very touched by your story.

I am the customer support manager at Snapfish and it makes me very happy that your photo book turned out so well. but at the same time I would like to sincerely apologize for us taking so long to get the book printed and delivered to you. That is completely unacceptable and I am sorry.

To attempt to make this up to you and your family, I would like to offer you two free photo book credits so that you can get extra copies of this book, or of a new book if you prefer. Please write to me at otto(dot)imken(at)hp(dot)com with your snapfish account e-mail address and I'll be happy to add these credits to your account.

Again, I apologize for the long delay in printing and shipping your book, and I am very glad it turned out so well in the end.

Yours, Otto

Otto Imken
Worldwide Customer Support Manager
Snapfish by HP