Monday, March 2, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

So. . .last week I didn't follow the plan so well. Oh well. Here we go for this week:

Monday- Spaghetti, Garlic Bread (my son could LIVE off of garlic bread!), Salad
Tuesday- Skewers(sirloin), Ranch Potatoes (from the LC cookbook p. 66), corn
Wednesday- Chicken with Apple Sauce, carrots, noodles
Thursday- Submarine sandwiches (nice and easy!)
Friday- Pizza, Pizza. . .or A&W. . .or (some kind of fast food? Please?)
Snack for Saturday- Pizza Dip
Sunday-Breakfast for Supper (French Toast and sausage)

My recipe this week is the Pizza Dip. First of all, I have to say that I LOVE the A Year Of Crockpotting blog! It has become a friend of mine. And my hubby and I love this recipe too--one way to put on a few pounds by eating it for a late-night snack together. I do have to say that I adjusted it a bit to make it more to our liking. I added some finely chopped green onions, peppers and sun dried tomatoes. (And a hint of syrup--don't tell my hubby! I just needed a little more sweetness to it! I suppose if you added pineapple to it, that might do the same. . .). I've also used other meats instead of pepperoni, especially if the kids are having it with us. I've made this recipe a lot. Did I mention that I really like this recipe?

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Tara said...

haha, I love that site to! To bad she doesn't up date it daily anymore with new recipes. I've tried a few and they are yum!