Saturday, March 28, 2009

Doing Dishes

One thing we have tried to do with our children is to give them small jobs to nurture a sense of responsibility. We started by thinking of things they could do, but that never worked. They never wanted to do the things we came up with. Kids, as we found out, just want to copy what Mom and Dad are doing, so they found their own "chores" to do. Our son has a small obsession with vacuuming (we make it a little shorter so it is easier for him to do). He used to love helping with the dishes, but has now passed that job onto his little sister.

Did you notice how she had to show off for the camera a little? Definitely not my genes! And did you see how she "bonked" into the drawer? Could be my genes. . . Anyway, this is how the dishes turn out each time:

So, afterwards, I am both cleaning the utensils and re-vacuuming some--well, most--areas. someone once asked me why I would bother letting my kids do that only to re-do all it all. And I can honestly admit, I'm a little OC (a little!!!) and on some days, it can bother me! :) But, they are learning, it's kinda cute, and I can't complain about that!

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