Friday, April 17, 2009

Dinosaur Day

This past weekend we went to the zoo. . .the Calgary Zoo! Uncle Chad and auntie Helen gave the kids a Christmas present to go to the zoo when we came out to visit, so that is exactly what we did! We went on the day before Easter, so we go caught in the Easter Egg-travaganza . . . which means we got some chocolate eggs and SWARMED by all the other zoo-goers who wanted to take advantage of the finally-warm-weather and the Easter celebration.
We loved it all, but Eli, well, he was looking forward to the Dinosaur or Prehistoric Park. He had been entertaining himself with the a dinosaur identification book during part of our 10+ hour drive there, and Opa had prepared him to go look for the dinosaurs in the "mountains," so he was READY!!! Don't remember the name for this one. . .a Euoplocephalus maybe?
The triceratops. "Everyone knows this one, mommy!"
Um. . .the Seismosaurus? I think?
Another dinosaur, and Eli looking happy as ever!
This was the first dinosaur we saw. Eli was actually kinda scared for a minute because he actually thought the dinosaurs might be real. Lucky for all of us they weren't!The one and only Tyrannosaurus!
A Quetzalcoatlus? Or Pterodactyl?
This is a picture I had to take for his friend Kendra, because "This is her favourite dinosaur, so you HAVE to take a picture! She likes the Stegosaurus the best."

Can ya understand why he might have been kinda scared, if he thought they might be real? These things were huge!

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love the Calgary zoo!

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