Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer so far. . .part 1

After being bugged to update, here is a blog entry. . .finally!
Summer just gets too busy to blog!

The start of summer. . .a little time spent at the local water park. We actually spend a lot of time walking and biking around the "lake" throughout the year, so when the water turns on, its kind of a treat. Well, that and a sunny day! We haven't had a lot of those during the first part of our summer!

And of course, there was Canada Day and the Parade! We went as a big family, although we didn't go early enough to get a front row seat this time. We'll make a note of that for next year. But that didn't stop us from getting my favourite Canada Day Parade samosas--I LOVE those things! And the kids LOVE the stuff they get, too!
Here is E and Princess A with our Aunt PJ (sorry--that was the hubby's words!) and little L!
Below is how the kiddos collected their loot! Thanks to those extra generous firefighters who made a special trip out to our kiddos and filled their hats!
Later on in the day the hubby and I took our older kiddos to the Canada Day Celebrations at the Exhibition Grounds--which was swarming! But we saw a bit of everything and got to make a few crafts, play in the sand and sing with Charlotte Diamond!
Here is Princess A getting some help to finish a "tied tutu" from The Reach's tent.
And E playing in the gigantic sand pile!
Another thing we enjoy is our hot dog dinners at Mill Lake. Easy supper and lots of fun for the kids to play (and get tired before bed!)! This time was for Princess A's birthday, I think.
Lots of fun trips to the park with our cousins, too!

As the month passed, along came the Berrybeat Festival. Princess A loves getting her face painted, and we found one booth that was doing it!!! So she got her beloved butterfly. . .in pink and purple, of course!
The final product:
I kinda forgot to take pictures as the morning went on, but here is one of them playing on the streets. They had fun at the Old Spaghetti Factory's booth, Four Cats, and the Lego one, too! And who can resist the mini-donuts, of which Oma was able to get the last ones before the machine broke! Lucky us!
More photos to upload still. . .

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