Monday, August 8, 2011

Vancouver Lights

Last weekend was the last day of the Celebration of Light, so the hubby and I took a trip to Vancouver  to see it all. When doing some searching, I found this Self-guided Art Walk in Vancouver (mainly Stanley Park) and I convinced my hubby to do a bit of it together! My goal was to take pictures of each one we saw (knowing we probably wouldn't be able to walk around to all of the downtown and park art), but after the first few of me forgetting to snap a shot, I gave up on the photo idea!

Here we are by the Olympic Torch
By day and by night!
 We took a few photos to show the kiddos--things we had seen from a distance earlier in the week, or things we had encountered in books.
 E has a fascination with the Titanic and wanted to see a cruise ship up close to compare, so we needed a few photos for him!

 This above one was great too--because we saw it at night as well, and it has lights flashing. I was very impressed with the artist's thinking behind this piece.
(As a teacher, it'd be neat to see students try this on a smaller scale, and at a primary level maybe just a 2D work would be great to try)

Here are some of the totem poles by the Sea Wall.
 Siwash Rock
 There was an artist selling his photographs and cards of these rocks he had created. He was showing some people passing by how he did it~they just didn't have the talent he did!

 The hubby--although he'll probably hate me for posting a picture of him/us looking tourist-y! (I loved his hidden interest in finding the places I wanted to see!)
 Us at English Bay. We had gone out for dinner, and then realized we should probably scout out a spot as the beach was already jam packed with people! Some friends who passed by were happy we had been there and joined our SUPER-GREAT spot! Since we had some time to spare, I figured out how to use the "fireworks" setting on the camera before the fireworks started! I think the photos turned out alright. 

It was loud and beautiful!
It was Canada's night, so of course it was superb! :)

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