Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer so far. . .part 3

Our summer adventures continue. . .for those of you who care (and have been bugging me to post again!) to see how we are spending our time!
Funny how prayers are answered. . .E loved going to the Agrifair so-o-o much that he was convinced that we should go again on the last day of it. We kinda told him that it was fun to do once, and we'd go again next year. But he still spent some time pleading his case with God, telling him how much he loved God's great animals and creation. :) As a parent, I told him about how God sometimes says no to prayers and that I didn't really want to pay for a day to the same place again. (Sorry!!!) But on the last day, it turned out we got some passes (Thank you, Chief!) and we ended up going again! This time we watched some different presentations, including E's favourite--Trials Stars Bike Demos. Now he thinks he should being doing "tricks" on his bike! Great!
Here is our little guy in the stroller, all ready for another day out and about!
This time I remembered to bring my camera, but didn't really use it a bunch! Here are the kids milking a "cow."
Here are the kiddos playing on the tractors again! They loved it!
Then we had to try out the climbing wall again! Princess A wanted to give it a try this time too, and although she didn't get very high, she loved it!
E trying to go higher each time!
And here are our balloon-making friends!
After the bike show, Princess A thought she should learn to ride her bike without the training wheels. . .I think we have a ways to go!!!
Little A getting in on the action as well--helping with the training wheels!
We had a day out at Crescent Beach, too. Everyone loves looking for crabs, hermit crabs and other sea creatures on the beach as the tide goes out. This was little A's first year to explore, and he didn't hesitate to find shells, rocks, and sea creatures along with the others!
With the tide out, we could walk quite a ways out. . .too far to keep up with my little camera. We love stopping in White Rock, too, to check out the Pier (and the view of the fish, sea gulls and the jelly fish) and the white rock. It's a tradition. It's what we do.
The next day we went out to Stanley Park in Vancouver and took in all the sights at the Vancouver Aquarium. The place was packed!!! (Not so ideal for the jogging stroller we took in!) The favourite was the dolphin show, followed by the Birds of Prey show that was there for the summer. E pretty much had the one from the Greater Vancouver Zoo memorized, so it was good for him to see some new flying friends to learn about! They pretty much like it all. . .except that 4D show!!! So. . .one day the hubby and I will have to go to see more than 2 minutes of that!
Trapped! Well, exploring anyway!
The kids loved the huge aquariums and the colourful sea creatures. Little A tried to talk to them all. He wasn't so fond of the dolphins--their splashing and jumps scared him, but he loved the creatures that moved slowly!

Here we are in the "rainforest." If you put your hand out, a butterfly would land on it! We saw parrots and macaws, sloths and stingrays. It was neat for E after learning about the Rainforest in school this past year.
Here's just a few photos of some of the things we saw. . .

Being a fan of Wild Kratts, the kids loved hearing about all the conservation efforts and what they could do to help save the animals. (I have a few suggestions to offer the Aquarium to save my sanity when visiting a place like that. . .but that is another story!) We went to Stanley Park and the kids water park afterwards to collect some shells and walk a bit. And then we got stuck in Vancouver traffic. Yuck! Oh well!

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