Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer so far. . .part 2

Part of summer that the kiddos enjoy, too, is the Summer Reading Program at the local library. They joined up, and have attended a few of the extra shows and events that the library has hosted (Mike's Critters, the Purple Pirate, etc). One of those earlier activities was the Summer Bash, which was a little ironic because it was pouring rain and all the activities had to be adjusted and moved inside! Still lots of crafts, games and bubbles! But as always, Princess A saw face painting, and she had to have it done!
The kids also joined a Vacation Bible School this year, hosted by Gateway. It was AMAZING!! They loved it! Here they are at the final BBQ lunch. . .being quite silly!
And of course, once the sun came out, they had to start playing een harder than before. . .and this is how I found them one day! Ew!!! Mud!

Little A, sporting his chair, staying up too late.  . .

We also spent some time doing some colouring contests in the local newspaper. One of them had to do with the Abbotsford Air Show. Then E had to continue the fun making his own airport. I never claimed he was an artist--but he does have creativity. This picture was taken and then followed by the creation of the airport terminals, helicopter and rescue areas, museums, etc. And the best part of all is that Princess A's name was picked from one of those colouring contests, so we get to go to the show! Princess A was excited, but E was ecstatic! "It was what I always wanted to do!" were his words, which was very true because he had been praying that God would hand us some tickets for it on a few occasions. ;)

Then of course we went to  the Agrifair. I forgot the camera (oops!) so not too many pictures here, but they had some balloons made for them, so we took a picture when we came home.

Because I didn't take my camera, I was forced to learn to use my phone's camera and learn how to send it off to my computer (I am the worst at using a cell phone! I can barely answer the thing!) Here the rest of the family is sitting on a tractor that used to belong to my hubby's dad and grandpa, but now belongs to the Pioneer group who shows off the antique tractors and farm machinery at the fair.
The kids also had fun doing rock climbing and tumbling at Twisters,  looking at all the animals, and watching the trampoline shows, dance shows, magic show, and the presentation put on by the Greater Vancouver Zoo. Lots to do, from milking a cow to rides and learning activities!

Until the next batch of photos. . .

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deWoldeDaily said...

Great pictures Susan! You guys don't miss an event around this town! It looks like summer has been busy and fun for your family so far! If the sun sticks around maybe we can sneak in a trip to the water park yet with you guys before the summer is over!