Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Making Shadows & Prints

A few weeks ago I was watching a TV show with the kids. . .a science one where they were talking about the power of the sun. The sun can make pictures, it said. E saw this "science experiment" on the show, so we had to give it a try.
We took a few leaves from around the yard, a few rocks because our first try at the experiment blew away on us, and some cheap construction paper (the cheaper the better because it fades faster and better!) E arranged his leaves on the paper, we put rock on each of them (ones that didn't go over the edge of the leaves so that the shadows would look like the leaves we were trying to "print" on the paper), and then took off to the grocery store. A few hours later, this is what we saw:
So, there is your quick activity to test our how powerful the sun is--and how artistic the sun can be as well!

And here is a picture that Princess A wanted me to take. . .because she was to impatient to do the experiment with us! And this flower was pink. . .and pink and purple are princess colours, of course!

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Tara V said...

I'll be trying this with dax, cool! thanks!