Thursday, June 4, 2009

Poetry Books

I recently updated THIS POST about Grammar, and making Silly Sentences using the basic parts of speech. I added some pictures there of the finished product. Check it out if it interests you.

Today I am posting some pictures (the product) of THIS POST on Poetry. We finally finished up our work on poetry and making small anthologies. Here is my bulletin board (it was such a small space!!!) and the poetry books that the students made as a result of the poetry unit taught. (I just finished grading them all! Phew! That was a lot of work . . . but you can see that they obviously did a lot of work!!! We spent class time, computer time and art time working on this. Some of the kids also spent some homework time on it!) All the books are hanging on tacks so that we can read/look at the work done by our peers.
So, here are a few of the inside pages. First the table of contents (And, my students have the correct spelling of Biographical Poem in their books!)
And the following are some examples of the pages: the poems and the layouts that the students chose. They were required to include 10 poems, but the way they laid out the pages was completely up to them. (BTW, I have some future artists and scrapbookers in my class! Yay!)
Don't you just love some of these pages? The creativity in the decorations and the imagination in the pictures? Oh, it makes me so giddy as a teacher!!!
So. . .another idea or two for you. Enjoy!

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