Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Camera Cozy

So. . .
Look what my hubby got for Father's Day. {smile} It was exactly what I--I mean--he wanted!!!
(Okay, you have to understand, we bought our previous digital camera in that era where there was both a screen and a view-finder. It was HEAVY! It was BIG! This one will fit into our pockets! This one didn't add weight to my already packed purse! And that made him--and me--happy.) One problem with it. . .it didn't come with a case and we forgot to buy one at the time. I'm a little OC about certain things. . .and one of those certain things is that cameras need cases. So, being in a crafty mood, I went online to find tutorials on this. I found two that i liked. This site was more plain and this one was the one I decided to make.

At least, that is the one I tried to make.

First, I made my own little pattern. Cute, eh? Purple paper and all. This part turned out GREAT!
And I proceeded to make it. But here is the thing. I have learned a very important lesson about myself. And the lesson is this: Even if you have an urge to be creative after writing report cards and feel this could be a great stress release, DON'T do it!!!!! I may have made a boo-boo. A very big boo-boo. And all you fine quilters out there are not allowed to laugh at me. Especially if your kids are in my class this year! When the instructions at Sew-Mad said to do the quilting stitching, I got a little excited about this and missed the instruction where it said keep the lining separate! And I know after I sewed it all, I thought it was odd that everything was quilted together (duh!) but still common sense didn't strike!

On top of that, the fabric I picked looked okay. . .until I started making it. Then I realized that my hubby could be quite embarrassed holding such a case. I even thought of him and put the key ring on the back and all. . .but yah. A case like this needs to be pink and flowery and accompanied by a pink camera. Sew-Mad is a genius. I'm not.

In the end, I landed up finishing it just so I could feel somewhat accomplished and have a "toy" for my kiddos. I made some bias binding using some kinda-terribly matching material I had and finished my boo-boo-ed camera cozy that way. I had to do a lot of hand-sewing. Blah. I did not decide to add a strap or anything else.

This is how it turned out. (Try not to laugh. . .or cringe)

The back. . .the key-ring part. Pretty good idea huh? (Just ugly as can be!)
So. . . in the end, I still wanted a case for my camera. . but didn't want to go out today. . .so I threw together this nice little black pouch to use now until I do get out to the store. I will now happily leave projects like that for people with funky cute cameras. . .and for people who haven't just finished writing report cards!

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