Monday, October 19, 2009

Menu Plan Monday. . .on a Monday!

Maybe I am catching up on life. . .or maybe I am doing this first and putting off all those other things to do!!! But it is Monday, and I am posting. . .TODAY!

Monday- Fettuccine Alfredo with veggies and chicken (so ti pretty much turned into a pasta-primavera-type-dish), garlic bread and cheese bread (for me--not a big fan of too much garlic lately. My son, however, is. Go figure. )
Tuesday- Pork Skewers, mashed potatoes or noodles (from a package-I know, sorry!), carrots and peas

Wednesday (S&S)-Fancy Grilled Cheese
Thursday (CP)- Tuscan Chicken Sandwiches (I suppose this could go with rice too. . .)
Friday (OAMC)-Tortellini in Marinara Sauce, sausages, salad

Saturday's Snack- Gingerbread Latte (yes, I will comment after!)

Sunday (BFS)- Cinnamon French Toast (I LOVE this recipe!!!!)

Okay, for the snack bit. . .maybe it is just the fact that I lived in the US for too long, but here we had Thanksgiving, and the weather turns kinda sour and. . .I just want to have Christmas!!! In the US, Thanksgiving=the beginning of Christmas! Oh how I miss that! I have very fond memories of all the different places I spent Thanksgiving out there--there were so many generous people who were willing to have me over and let me in on their celebrations. I loved it! I have this little Christmas itch, I guess, but I know it would be almost considered a "sin" to start listening to the music and all. (My husband has standards--and October is too early!!!) So the next best thing is a gingerbread latte. And to secretly hope the time flies by, so that Christmas will come soon! And who can resist a nice hot drink on a cold day?

I know, I'm being kinda pathetic. . .but I'm more than willing to admit it!

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I'll post a picture of my Christmas--I mean--latte-goodness ASAP!
10-20-09 Update: Here are some photos. . .yummy! I guess you can't really tell what it is, but the fact is there is a picture here! And. . .on my "skinny" dollop of whipped cream, here are some of those VE Coffee Toppers (pictured below). And they are yum too, just if you are interested! (My sister sells it, so I have a little "in" on what is good!) Merry Snacking!

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