Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Blessings I've Been Busy With

I know, I know, some of you are wondering where I have been lately. I have a few reasons for not being so blog-faithful lately!

One reason, I'm working full time now, and trying to still carry on as a full time mom when full time work is done. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. My hubby and I are feeling very blessed to be able to be working 2+ jobs (my hubby doing the 1+ part), and we have felt blessed in doing so. But the simple fact is, life gets busy with that. . .and blogging just isn't one of those top things to do with your spare time. . .because there is very little of it!

I'm also taking a course. I know it, I'm that geek-y type who thinks doing even more school is exciting! But I have found that this time around, it is very time-demanding! I'm thinking that settling for less than an A might be the way life goes when you are 30plus with a family and jobs! And I'm learning again that an A doesn't actually describe whether you learned anything or not, because I've learned enough from this course already to merit taking it! ah, the joy of learning!
And. . .well. . .for the last 14 weeks. . .

This has been time consuming lately, too! It's a blessing, alright, but future #3 is keeping me busy! While my family and I are loving the fact that God has been growing us with another family member, we are earnestly praying that God allows this baby to continue growing and thriving. I have a sub-chorionic hemorrhage. That pretty much means there is a wonderful bubble of blood around this little alien, and it can cause a few problems, such as a miscarriage. But even when all signs have shown otherwise, this little one keeps holding on--for which we are very thankful! 5 doctor appointments, 4 ultrasounds (and some of those cool 3-D images!), 2 trips to emergency, lots of phone calls and appointment-making--and for this little life, we wouldn't change a thing! We are thankful for God's providence and peace in this all and trust in His goodness and faithfulness to us in the weeks to come!

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