Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our sun tent

This post is mostly for my sister, so the rest of you, read if you like, but otherwise, ignore this one!
This is what mom was talking to you about on the phone. We got is shortly after everyone was out because I had seen a similar "pop-up" type of tent on this same beach a few weeks earlier. That is what I had originally wanted, but then we saw this at Canadian Tire and thought we would give it a shot. And we LOVE it! It's by Coleman, has UV protection, has a shade part that sticks out (kinda better image in the second photo) and the bottom part (under the sonic bright red blanket! lol) can zip up like an actual tent so the kids can be changed in there if needed. so even though you love this one, we have grown to love this one!

{This bottom photo is just my kids being silly. thought I would share!}

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