Friday, August 14, 2009

Air Show

A week ago, my hubby and Opa took E to the airshow--the frugal version of it, of course (see last photo). They spent an entire afternoon just watching the airplanes and everything else. I was amazed that E could actually spend 5+ hours there!!! Opa took along his binoculars and hubby took along the lawn chairs and coffee. . .and life was good for an afternoon. Now, my hubby is not a big camera-kind-of-person, so I was pleasantly surprised by the pictures he got!

E having the time of his life. . .and looking a little "red-neck!" (My son is a little sensitive to noise, so these 70s earphones "tricked" him into thinking he was just like a pilot and the noise wasn't as loud. Oh, the tricks us parents can pull!) When the planes weren't up in the sky, Eli ran around the blueberry bushes a little with his own toy jet (see in his lap?)

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