Monday, August 31, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Well. . .its Monday today! I'm actually posting on time!

And it was my first day back at work. Hmmm. . .I guess summer is over for me!

But my past week has been filled with canning and creating and freezing and the like! I have some great relatives who live on farms. . .and have fruit trees! We picked up a bunch of pears and plums this week. . .so I was busy! Here is a photo of the plum salsa I made for dinner today. My opinion of it: a little heavy on the onion flavour, so I may reduce that next time, but otherwise. . .mmm!

Monday-Grilled Chicken, Plum Salsa, rice or noodles, corn

Tuesday-Pita Pizzas--here is a link. I don't use it. I pretty much put pizza sauce and toppings on the pita and put it on the BBQ.

Wednesday-Pizza Meatballs, potatoes, beans

Thursday (CP)-Thai Chicken, rice, salad

Friday (OAMC)-Mostaccioli Casserole, veggies

Saturday's Snack-Plum Chutney

Sunday (BFS)-Pancakes and bacon

The snack. . .Plum Chutney. I decided to make this recipe because it looked like something I would actually eat with chicken or fish. . .or maybe with crackers on a platter with cheese and meat. The only thing I changed was that I added more plums. In the end the leftovers that we tasted were perhaps not AS spicy as the recipe was originally, but there was still a decent kick! And it was yummy!!!!

(The bottom photo is the chutney. . .the others are plums, and apple salsa. Mmm. . .lots too look forward to this fall and winter!)

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Quilt Nut said...

love your menu Mondays. the recipes all look sooooo yummy

Susan said...

thanks! i like to cook, but time is always a deciding factor! posting this all helps me stay accountable--and avoid mac and cheese, hot dogs and take-out pizzas all the time! :)