Friday, January 14, 2011

Making Snowmen

A few weeks ago my son got a letter home from school about a book that they had read:

Snowballs by Lois Ehlert. It is this cute children's book and all the illustrations are done using "stuff": things like paper, screws, popcorn, seeds, hats, socks, scarves and so forth. They got a "homework assignment" to make a snowman of their own at home using stuff from around the house. Junk. Recyclables. That kind of stuff. So, that is what we spent the day doing.

First, E had to look at images on the Internet about "snow people." That gave him the perfect idea.

Then, we had to make a stop at our local, free craft shop (aka: Oma's house) to pick up a few supplies. (That is still considered stuff from around the house, right? It was just from her house!)Since E and A were awake and ready to do all this by 7:30AM, they had to be distracted to make a cut and drawn kind of snowman first!

(Here is little a keeping himself entertained through it all!)

My busy workers! They used cups and bowls to trace their circles and material scraps for scarves. And of course lots of glue and crayons! And the final projects~ at 8:30AM! (First is E's, second is Princess A's creation)

Then, we were finally able to make the trip over to Oma's to pick up some stuff--googly eyes, Styrofoam balls and a cute little outfit for little a (not part of the supplies, of course, but just a nice added bonus!)

Here is E with some of the supplies:
And here is his story: "We got a ball and tissue paper. Then we stuffed it in a bag for eating lunch until it was full and taped it shut. We glued the buttons on and colored them too. The the nose. We poked it in and for the smile we did beads. I got burned a bit from the hot glue. For the eyes we did googly eyes. We used material for the hat and tied it with a string and then did the cutting and made a scarf from the same material. We poked straws for the arms. That was very last. And. . .I think that is all. We used a glue gun to stick everything on. And some tape. Done. I think."

Here is the snowman and the proud owner (minus the straw arms--that was a thought later on). And some close ups. . .

Then of course, Princess A needed one. So during the 20 minutes of napping time in the afternoon (mixed with crying because little a didn't want to nap!) Princess A got to make her "Snow Angel."

Too much fun.. . .she spent some time afterwards floating it around the house! Here is a link for where we were looking at snow people ideas (if it still works--I had some problems with it earlier!).

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deWoldeDaily said...

Very cute snowmen!! Good job E and A and mom! Liked the idea of the white paper bag. We made Kendra's today too but she went with the standard 3-circle type of snowman!