Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just a regular weekend. . .

I thought we were having a regular weekend. . .
playing with the kids,
shopping for groceries,
visiting with a friend,
going to church,
having regular family dinner,
the usual, family stuff. . .
{What a sweetheart!!!}
. . . until my hubby just kinda decided he didn't like valences anymore.
Many people who has an older home like this is very familiar with the valences--to hide the curtain rods--we deal with them. We get used to them. There isn't a lot you can do with them. . .
Unless you are my hubby, and decide you don't like them on a weekend like any other. And your house suddenly looks like this!
And then this:
And then this. . .
I just want to know where my cupboards are!!! He gets to go to work and leave the mess behind. But I have to function in here!!!
But I shouldn't complain. He was nice enough to put the clock back up!
What have we gotten ourselves into?
I must have {jinx-ed} myself. A mom of one of my son's friends stopped by and said she remembers being in our house because she was friends with someone who lived here previously. She thought it was neat because we had made a few changes and she remembers what it was like before. I was telling her about how I wanted to have the kitchen redone one of these days.
I did not mean that this weekend was "one of these days!"
We have lots of little projects to do--a baseboard needs nailing, a door needs a fixed hinge, cleaning galore. . .why a new project???
So. . .we will see how one is to function in a mess like this! :)

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Tara V said...

is this what you came home to after you left your hubby alone on friday??
I'm envious that you have a hubby who can do those things....even if it's not exactly at the right time ;)