Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Hi again. . .

Like I said before, its summer. Things are lazy and busy, all jumbled up into one. So blogging is also that way. . .more on the lazy side for me lately!

So this will be easier, because I can just tell you what I had some of the days!

Monday- pizza, salad

Tuesday-baked potato soup (w/ baked potato toppings), buns

Wednesday-Hamburger Helper salad or cut up veggies and dip

Thursday- Chicken Enchiladas, guacamole and chips
Friday- leftovers
Saturday- hamburgers and toppings

Sunday- pancakes and sausages
Last week I didn't post. Oops! Some of my meals included French Toast Casserole, CP Cheese and Bacon Chicken (w/ potatoes and corn on the cob), and Crock Pot Thai Chicken (w/ rice and salad). The two crock pot meals were done because of the weather and the convenience. . .and I was gonna have company on both those days. . .but didn't. Then came the challenge to make a left-overs meal out of each of them as there was double what our family would eat. Here is what we did:
CP Thai Chicken: we changed this recipe into wraps. Cut up the meat in strips, added some onions and peppers and carrot strips, made some tortillas, and there was supper. My kids seemed to like eating it that way better!
CP Cheese and Bacon Chicken: This one I used to make pizza. Again, cut up the chicken into strips, topped a pizza shell with some BBQ sauce (not too much as the leftovers also has some sauce) added peppers and more bacon, topped it all on the pizza crust, added cheese, and there you go. 20 minutes later we had a delish supper.
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