Monday, August 16, 2010

Airplanes, Part 2

I guess I am a glutton for punishment. . .or I just love making my kiddos happy!
We went to the airshow again. . .although this time it was along with all those other airshow attenders who didn't want to pay the carload price but wanted to share the side of the road with us! And I might have to add, this wasn't a bad view!
Opa found the "exact same place" as they had last year (according to E--he knew exactly when to tell Opa to stop the van! How do kids remember these things?), we pulled out the lawn chairs and snacks, and enjoyed the sunshine waiting for some of the acts to appear.

Last year E had a toy military airplane to play with. Since then it lost a few wheels. . .and it magically got "lost." Hubby went out the night before--after his long day at the show--to find new airplanes for the kiddos. That is a tough job during the week of an airshow I guess, and he came home with the last one in the store. So. . .I looked through my collection of "My Little Ponies" saved up to give Princess A as gifts and found one with wings. . .that is close enough to a flying aircraft, right? It turned out these little surprises were just perfect for both of them and kept them busy as we watched!
At first this was all we saw. . .far in the distance (right overhead of my hubby, though). See those specks above the treeline, below the mountain line? Those are the Harvard Mk IVs I believe.

We brought along binoculars to check them all out a little better. It was neat when the Skyhawks (parachuters) came out--you could see their faces and hand signals/directions!

In between the sky acts. . .way too much fun! Apparently E had the "Golden Eagle" who got away, and Princess A was just following in the fun with "Star-fly-er".
A little closer. . .
But then came the Snowbirds. . .and those were right on top of us! We could even see the pilots. . . of course I don't have any pictures of that. . .I'm not that great of a picture-taker! And they were loud! There was one point when we were so busy watching what the bunch in front of us were doing that we didn't even notice the two zooming in from behind us until they were right on top of us. . .and LOUD!

E and A's favourite "heart" trick. . .
E and A had names for all the tricks. . .a mountain, a cross-over, a maple leaf. . .

All done until next year. . .

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