Thursday, December 10, 2009

Picture again

Just thought I would post a photo again (for my family far away!) I know, these black and white photos of a blurry alien get old after a while, but over here, we can't get enough of them!
We had the excitement of getting another ultrasound again this week--only this time it included a fetal echo cardiogram. At my doctor's visit, there was a little problem with the heartbeat. Baby D decided to consistently skip heartbeats. So a day later I was scheduled with an appointment at Women's. I have to say, on the "geeky" side of this all, it was pretty cool to see a close-up of the teensy baby's heart. And they showed us the chambers and the pumping of the heart in colour and how the heart worked already this early in baby's life. The room was full of doctors (cardiologist-types) and technicians, which was quite different from any other ultrasound we have had so far. (It almost felt like a House episode!) The good news is that Baby D is fine. Nothing to worry about in terms of his or her little heart. We also learned that the hemorrhage is clearing up slowly, but will probably stick around for the remainder of the pregnancy. Otherwise, all is good, and for that we are so thankful!!!

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