Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Tree Day

I've been a little busy to blog lately, so I'm playing some catch-up today!

December 1st (or the weekend/Sunday nearest to that has traditionally been our Christmas Tree Day. This year we had the help of two "experts" on Christmas and Christmas trees! (I wonder how my hubby and I ever decorated for Christmas before now!)
Somehow, we managed to get all the boxes pulled out, all the lights put up, all the garlands placed just right, all the decorations hung. . .
Here are our little "experts" piling all the decorations on one branch. (Good thing they never realized that the decorations spread out a little over the evening and after they had gone to bed!)
And here is some of the food for the evening. (One of the parts my hubby and I look forward to a bunch!)
Our final product!
A few other touches. . .

Merry decorating for the holidays!

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