Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Menu Plan

Menu plan for this week. . .although, everything might get changed up because of Christmas!
Monday-Thai chicken Stir-fry, Asian noodles
(Okay, so we are really having pizza instead--I was out doing some groceries and it was a cheap-o, fast-o dinner)
Wednesday-Easy Quesadillas, Guacamole (need to make this stuff --and more--for the hubby's FF party, so we're having some for supper!)
Thursday (Christmas Eve)-see below
Friday (Christmas Day)-Cinnamon buns in the morning (that is just how we celebrate birthdays in our house!) and see below
Saturday (Boxing Day. . .and more Christmas)-see below (and guacamole above!)
Sunday- will we even feel like eating today? If so, pancakes it is!
For Christmas celebrations I am to bring appies, so. . .here are a few that might be coming along with us!
(and crackers, tortilla chips, pitas, and veggies)
See more Christmas week MPM at http://www.orgjunkie.com/
Wednesday, December 23 Note: I thought I would post a little extra since some of our festivities this year are a little Mexican. . .I found this easy guacamole recipe. . .and there is a little project for kids to try (growing an avocado pit. . .never tried that before!). Thought you might be interested. With this recipe, I added sour cream and a little bit of cumin to make it more "saucy." As for our kids, E liked it, A thought it was green and therefore not good to eat. :)

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