Monday, November 9, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Okay, my blog has not been agreeing with me lately. I hope it hasn't been just as naughty for you. Things are just not working or not loading properly. Talk about a frustrated blogger!

Okay, that is it for my complaining. Now on to a menu plan. . .on a Monday for a change!

Monday-Tacos with fixings and the Salsa Rosa recipe from a previous post

Tuesday- Fish and Chips--from the freezer, but we are just liking this lately! and with gravy with the french fries. . .think poutine. . .mmm. . .

Thursday (CP)-Thai chicken (didn't do this one last week, so we will try it again!), rice, salad

Friday (freezer)-pizza. . .or leftovers from the week

Saturday's Snack-Crescent Wrapped Brie I serve it with crackers. . .and put preserves (peach!) or chutney as a topper

Sunday (breakfast)-Easy Quiche breakfast using leftovers. . .shhh. . .don't tell the hubby!

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