Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

Well . . . Saturday was Pumpkin Day! It started out with some pumpkin carving. This was pretty special for E because he was able to use a pumpkin that "he" grew all on his own in the garden.

A wasn't so impressed with the goo-ey parts of it, so she decided to find something better to do at this point. She decided to rejoin us in the carving part!
E loved touching it all, but he also loved making faces and commenting on it! We toasted the seeds and ate them, too!
And here are the happy carvers after a job well done! It was pretty exciting lighting it. . .we did it once right away and then again at night for the jack-o-lantern glow! A thought it was "soo-ky!" which we interpreted as "spooky!"

And here is my feeble attempt at making E's bat costume. We have a Bob the Builder, and firefighter one, but E decided this year that Halloween was about being scary. So he wanted to be a bat. Life has been a little busy around our place lately, so, Saturday a.m., there sits me searching the web for some ideas! E's "mask" came from this site (and attached to one of my headbands) and his cape came from looking at some ideas, and giving it my best shot! (I cut out the wings and then made ties to attach it around his collar and hands).

Then, for some crazy reason, we thought it would be great to take the kiddos to the mall-thinking that we would collect a few safe candies and see some cute kid costumes. Instead. . .it was a ZOO!!! One store said they had already handed out 600+ chocolate bars--and we could believe it! I feels o sorry for the people who were actually trying to shop! We made a few stops and then decided to pack it in! Here are my Halloween cuties: a bat and a fairy/butterfly. A wanted to be a princess. . .good thing she isn't too bright on all that yet. . .and that my costume for her made her happy!)

We went out again at night for a visit to the grandparents and the aunts and uncles. We also met up with a few friends and got to wander around with them for a bit before going home to bed.
Here are a few other "memories" of the day. . .the glowing spooky faces and the loot!

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Shef said...

Could your children be any cuter???? I love both of their outfits. Good to know the mall is NOT where its at for trick or treating - I'll file that away in my memory for a helpful tip in a few years.

Hope you are feeling well - praying for you lots!