Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This Sums It Up

A friend of mine had a post on her FB page about how her preschool-aged son is teaching her so much when she is by profession a teacher.

I think God does that to humble us teachers. I think he does a lot to humble us. . .and to bless us.

Here is my little {weekend} story for you:

It is Sunday afternoon. The family is doing odds and ends types of things. I'm catching up on few things that don't get done during the week (yes--on Sunday!!!) And then we get a phone call from Grandma, she wants us to visit--right now. I'll admit it. I'm a planner. I like planned visits better. But we pick up and go, because, well, really, what is stopping us?
While heading out the door, I'm thinking of all those little things that I'm trying to catch up on and the fact that we are having the small group over this evening--stress for me. Love having people over, but it is instant stress. I'm not a perfect hostess. I wish I were. I'm not. So, there lies the stress.
Guess I was thinking about that too much. My oldest son is putting on his shoes and asks, "What do you guys talk about?" So I answer, "You know, we read the Bible, we talk about what God wants us to do and how God shows us grace." Hubby cuts in: "We do that with Grandma?" I admit that I was thinking he was talking about small group. My son says, "Don't worry, Mom. I'll pick out a story for you to read to Grandma." Hmmm. . .hubby and I look at each other. . .how is this going to work? Not our typical "visiting" material.
But we visit. Son goes to play with Lego. And I figure I'm safe from the Bible story reading. (Yes, I actually thought those exact words!) But my son doesn't forget and a bit into the visit all of a sudden he abandons the Lego and is holding a Bible for me. "Okay, your turn to read."
Grandma gets all concerned (should I point out she was a "pastor" at one point? Ah, maybe not.) She wants to know why he needs her Bible, what verse he needs, what is going on.
And I smile. Flip the bible open, "because it;s the kind that flops" says E, and start reading about the Plagues of all things. God's mighty power shown on earth to those who didn't want to listen to God.
Kinda fitting.
Grandma wants to know what I am doing. This is all a little weird.
I explain. . .and yes, it's weird.
But I guess my son knows it better. God didn't call us to live in community and just visit. He asked us to grow in faith together. . .and I guess you gotta read His word to do that.
E was the happiest kid in the world because we read the Bible at Grandma's house.
"I guess that is what you talk about now." Smart kid.

This morning at staff devotions, the leaders talked about how God blesses us and in return we can bless others; sometimes intentionally, sometimes just by doing your every day stuff. Then they led us in singing this song.

I think every once in a while you get a song that sums it all up. . .
Glorious Day by Casting Crown

I'm just pretty thankful for the blessings I'm surrounded by in the extraordinary. . .and the ordinary, weird parts of life.

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vfehr said...

Beautiful, Susan! Thanks for sharing. I love this faith and intentionality. I love what the kids teach us!