Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas done

Happy new year to all!
As celebrated by Princess A! (Her glass is soon to be filled with milk for supper!)
 I got my little Christmas tree skirt done. . .on January 1st! Even our Christmas decorations were taken down already! I took a picture or two and then packed it into the box for next year!
That stitching sure takes forever!
 I changed a few things about it. . .I had originally used embroidery floss as the centre of the stars, but didn't like it, so I changed it to ribbon bows there instead.
 I also made some ties, for if I don't just overlap the circle around the tree.
 A maroon star. . .and the edging of the entire circle.

Project done! It only took 3 days to post about it! I'm a little behind on a few things!

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