Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Weekend

This weekend we did all of our "Halloween Stuff" (for lack of a better way to say it all!)
The local library had a program for kids--they could come dressed up, but their stuffie also had to have a costume! Very cute idea! So my kids picked their "costumes" for the kids, got on google for its help in printables, and enlisted the help of Oma for making a tutu for the fairy stuffie.
My Spiderman with his bat-dog.
 My fairy princess with her fairy princess Ruthie-Lynn
 The kids listening to some stories at the Library. They also got to play some games, make a mask, and collect a treat!
 Later in the evening the grown-ups went to a pumpkin carving get-together with our small group. . . here was my food contribution. Chocolate and creepy-crawlies! Yum!
(See below for the {small} pumpkin the hubby created!)
 The next day was pumpkin carving day with the kiddos.
 Daddy and Princess A making their scary pumpkin face
 E designed his own this year and needed some help learning how to get it on the pumpkin "the way Daddy does it."
 E hard at work. . . and Princess A there for the photo!
E's pumpkin 
 Princess A's pumpkin
 Then came the actual day! Here is our chauffeur, in true pumpkin-day style!
 Here are our fearless trick-or-treaters!
A fairy princess, a fisherman (minus the hat that was just too annoying to keep on for him!) and Spiderman.
We visited Grandma and Grandpa Al's neighborhood, where we saw our cousins too. . .
 . . . and then met up with some of our friends to tour Opa and Oma's neighborhood, where we saw our other cousins, too!
 And here is our "pumpkin-magic" for the evening.

Happy Halloween to you all!

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Tara V said...

Jeff's truck looks great in the pumpkin!