Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Family Fall Fun

Around Thanksgiving, my sister and her family came out to visit. There were a few sunny days, so we took a little trip to a local "farm." We left the youngest kids with Oma and Opa, and then all of us big kids enjoyed the sights, sounds and smells of Willowview Farms. I love the cutesy-country feel of this place! They have great decorations for Fall and the Country Store--oh my! Loved it!
 It was quite a sunny day, and it seemed like all the photo opportunities were facing the sun! So here are the kiddos, squinting as I forced them to stand for a picture!

 My adorable niece! She loved seeing all the pumpkins.
 And my adorable kiddos!
 Walking through the big pumpkins, and trying to move them. We were not successful at that, but it was fun to try.
 And many more pumpkins to choose from. Too many actually!
I loved this little "How Tall This Fall?" height measure! If only the sun were shining the other direction and I could get a decent picture. . .oh well, maybe another time. Or to create one of my own somewhere. . . (to my hubby's horror!) 
 Our favourite animal of the day. . .little piggies!
 A picture in one of the pumpkin patches. . .those are big pumpkins!
 And a picture in the corn field. . .the kids had never walked in between row of corn before, so that was kind of exciting for them!
 Oh course there was the apple orchard, the play area, the animals, the candy sticks and pie. . .so much to do and enjoy there!
{And the bees! Who can get away from the bees this year!}
And so much fun to do it all with family!
So long Fall Fun Day!

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