Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Twee. . .

Oh, the fall season is upon us . . .

My little creator has been making his way to the kitchen table to do drawing and cutting each morning at 6:30 a.m. or thereabouts. Of course I know this because I have been enjoying mornings that start at 5 or 5:30 a.m. The joys of early risers! I guess the fact that the Fall season also means darker mornings doesn't phase them in the least.

The best I can do for my early risers is yawn throughout the day, start the coffee right after the bottle is warmed so it is ready to greet me when my hands are less full of baby, and smile when I find these treasures hidden around my house:

I learned a new word today--twee. It means exceptionally cute. I think that is quite fitting when I think about my kiddos! Hence the title of the blog post for this fun fall season. . .
Thursday and Friday were pumpkin days. . . we got to go over to Uncle Nolan and Auntie Pam's house who grew some HUGE pumpkins--and lots of them, and pick from their collection. Thanks guys! (Our pumpkins from the pumpkin patches were just too small!) Then it was carving time!

Silly kids enjoying the "ew" and the "goo" that goes along with pumpkin carving!
But in the end they turned out pretty nice. . .guess which one was made by E and Daddy and which one was made by Princess A and Mommy?
Of course we had to have the "glowing at night" photo too--it is a good excuse to stay up just a little later than bedtime! We brought them over to Opa and Oma's front steps to shine during Trick or Treating night!
Costumes this year got used a lot! Princess A got to wear her costume to her little preschool ballet class. It was so-o-o cute to see all these little ballerinas dressed up and prancing around!
She was quite the butterfly, and was sure to tell her teacher all about it! But the excitement was almost too much along with the running around she did! She was a tired girl at home afterwards!
But that afternoon we dressed up again to go to the local library. They were hosting a visit from an author and a Halloween party to accompany it all! Here is my bat and my butterfly.
And here they are listening to author Daniel De Serrano reading "Scare Me, Beware Me!" We got to create some silly mosters of our own afterwards!
Then the next day, there was a pumpkin party connected to the 5-Day Club (VBS-type activity) that E attended over the summer. Since it was hosted at Grandma's house. Princess A came too (even though she was not really old enough). They carved mini-pumpkins and played games and heard a story. . .it was very cute. They received a bookmark with the Pumpkin Carving Prayer on it (along with all the other stuff in their little treat bags!)
Then, here we are ready to enjoy the neighborhood. It was fun to stop by some of the houses that we knew.
Here they are with their cousins (and a few other people we don't know!)
A bit later, we met up with some friends to walk around the block together. We had lots of fun--and the kiddos looked so great!
And we met some more cousins (and our pumpkin-providers) during the night!
And then everyone went to bed! ~Too many fall fun activities in a short time!
Happy Halloween everyone!

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