Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MPM. . .if it's not too late. . .

I know, I'm a slacker. . .but I thought I would post anyway, if only for the links! And I can honestly say we have stuck to the plan (because if I changed it at all, you will never have known!) Anyway. . .

Monday- BBQ Chicken, buns, beans (notice all the "B" words? Completely by chance, but not bothersome at all!)

Tuesday-tuna melts, steamed veggies

Wednesday-chicken bacon pizza, carrots and dip
(and oh my--that was terrible. The dip I mean. The pizza ROCKS! You should try the pizza! But I am(or I guess I should say was) a big fan of the epicure (VE) cheese. chive and bacon dip. It is so easy to whip together and tasted so great. I just ordered it again and they changed the recipe in it. . .and wow, that was SICK! Even my daughter who would inhale the old stuff wouldn't eat it! The sad part is the old version is somewhat less healthy for you and I loved that. The new stuff is supposed to be better for you health-wise, but the taste is so lacking. . .in my humble opinion! . . . sorry for venting!)

Thursday (CP)-Beef, Barley and Vegetable soup, buns

Friday- left-overs

Saturday's Snack-um. . .snacks? who has time for that anymore?!?!? (but i do know i am definitely not making that dip again! maybe I'll have to try one of the other ones. . .)

Sunday- might try Apple Pancake Bake. Looks easy and yummy. . .

so there you have it. . .MPM, but very late!

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