Monday, November 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Menu plan. . .check.
Monday. . .check!

It has been a while since I can boast on having this done on time!

Monday-scalloped potatoes, sausage, stir-fried veggies

Tuesday-teriyaki chicken wings (from last week. . .i did keywest chicken instead last week!), french fries

Wednesday- tacos or taco salad. . .

Thursday-CP Creamy Chicken, noodles, salad


Saturday- see the salsa below!

Sunday-French Toast Casserole

Okay, had to show these. . .roasted pumpkin seeds--wash them out, spread them on a cookie sheet, top with salt, (and garlic and a touch of chili powders), bake for 3o min. at 350F. . .super easy snack on a pumpkin-making day or a squash baking day. Squash seeds can be eaten the same way. We also make it in the fry pan, only then I add some oil. . .not so healthy that way, but a little faster than 1/2 hour away from a treat. Enjoy. . .

This past week was a salsa-making week! It's a lot of work for only a few jars. . .piles and piles of tomatoes and peppers turn into only 4 jars! Oh well, my hubby loves it, so I make it! (Made 2 jars one night and two jars another night. . .the second night I convinced him to help me chop, so that all worked out!) I use these two recipes on recipe # 9272 and #32124. This time around, though, we added a bunch of different kinds of peppers--including Habaneros!!! This site is a good one for telling you about peppers.
See how beautiful/colourful it looks all fresh and cut up in the pan?
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