Monday, September 14, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Today was the BEST cooking day ever! It's true. . .it was even a crock pot deal! It was the best because. . .my mom did it for me!!! Yep, not only is she the sewer of cute dresses and caregiver for my adorable children, she also made my family supper today! And. . .EVERYONE ate it and loved it!!! I am truly blessed!

But here goes the rest of the week that I will have to cook:

Monday-Sweet and Sour Chicken, rice and salad (Yes, I even convinced her to give me the recipe to post here!)

Tuesday- (I'm gone=Meet the Teacher Night). . .left-overs

Wednesday (Soup/Sandwich Day)-Bacon & Apple Grilled Cheese

Thursday (CP Day)- Applesauce Chicken (I'm trying to decide if I had made this one before. . .and because I am too lazy to check, we'll make it on Thursday and see if we remember if we liked it or not!)

Friday (OAMC)- Enchiladas (we have a few tomatoes to use up!)

Saturday's Snack-Applesauce Cake

Sunday (BFS)-Cinnamon French Toast & Ham

So. . .did you notice a theme? Last weekend was making applesauce time! (In between a wedding, a baby shower, a dinner, a church party, etc. . .not sure how it all got done but it did!)
We have a few apples left, and a few containers of applesauce. . .so I searched for a cake to use on a nice Saturday morning coffee break (which are quite foreign to me right now! But if I make it, they will come, right?) The side suggestion about spreading with butter and replacing the allspice with cinnamon looked like a good one. . .I 'll let you know how coffee time goes on Saturday!
BTW--this week (or maybe weekend,) is going to be a salsa-making one. . .don't ya just love harvest time???
p.s. Did I mention that I love my mom???
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Quilt Nut said...

we have meet the teacher on Tuesday too. than again on Thursday. love the sound of the applesauce chicken and the bacon/apple grilled cheese-yum!