Monday, September 7, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Well. . .I'm posting a little after supper, but today's supper was an easy one. But also one my kids love. And when my kids love supper, the whole family is happy!

Sorry to disappoint this week with few links. I just couldn't find all these recipes on the web!
Tuesday-BBQ Chicken and Potato Bake (I got this recipe from the AirBake pan I make it in. Pretty much a hash brown mixture with chicken breasts and BBQ sauce on top)
Wednesday- Spaghetti Bake with Salad--A recipe from my friend Hilda. Great for OAMC kind of thing.
Thursday (CP Day)- Creamy Chicken Stroganoff, rice, corn
Friday (OAMC)- out with the family. . .probably Salmon on the BBQ
Snack Saturday- Apple Salsa (see below)
Sunday (BFS)- Oven Omelette (we have too many eggs!)
So. . .for the Salsa. . .I posted the link. I make this pretty much exactly as the recipe says (minus a jalapeno or two!), except that I generally add more apples. And I don't use tart apples. Your basic grow on the tree and make applesauce kind. (I honestly don't know what kind I use. They are from Uncle Bud and Aunt Linda's farm and they don't know what they are! They grow, there are tonnes, and I am VERY thankful to be able to get some each year!) I've made cinnamon chips from pita bread to go with it, but we also eat it with grilled chicken or with fajitas. See how great it looks:

Well, happy cooking. This week is the first teaching week for us teachers, and we have a pile of apples to make into applesauce. I think my time will fill up pretty quickly this week!

For more menu ideas, visit!

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