Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Few Firsts. . .

It has been forever since I have blogged last!
I guess too much else has been going on.

Here are a few "first" from yesterday. . .
E's first tooth means a first visit from the tooth fairy in this house!
 He was so nervous to pull it out and we tried encouraging him to do it while he was still in school, but he was not budging! So, on Saturday, the day after school was let out, it was hanging on by a thread and I just yanked it out!
 The tooth fairy made a first appearance at our house. . .
(not sure where this came from. . .I googled a lost tooth certificate and this was one of them!)
And being his first tooth and all . . .I forgot to remind him to put his tooth my his pillow! So, to make ti all better, he ALSO got a letter from the tooth fairy.
"Dear E:
Written: Very late on June 23
As your loving tooth fairy, I had to look EVERYWHERE for your tooth! It was not under your pillow or on your night stand. That is where most kids usually put their teeth for me to collect. However, I flew into your mom while searching and she showed me where to find your tooth. (It was on the kitchen counter!) Next time, please have it nearby! After all that searching I had to do, I am exhausted! {insert smiley face stickers here}
Love, the Tooth Fairy
p.s. I already talked to your mom about how she is supposed to remind you to put it in the right spot. You might want to have a little talk with her too!"
He loved it. . . and it sure worked to save me--I mean, the tooth fairy--from an "oops!" I had dance recital on my mind, sick little brother, nightmares from watching Batman and Robin to ward off, FF hubby off to save the town from the thunderstorm. . .


And the other first we had on Saturday, was A's first dance recital!
Oh my! I am so not a "dance mom!"
 The make-up! The curls (which you can't even see in these pictures)! The hairspray! The eyelashes!
(Okay, I attempted the eyelashes, but then just sent them along with her so someone there could do it! Sorry, no pictures with her long wavy black lashes--and I am kind of okay with that!)
 There was no pictures allowed during the recital, so here are a few from afterwards. According to her, the vest was too itchy and it would have been better to do the performance without it. And, according to her, lipstick tastes gross and eyelashes feel funny!
 My dancing queen! She was a line leader in her little number and got to pull some of the other girls in the right direction during the dance! I told her that I thought she did a great job leading all the girls in her sidesteps around the circle. She informed me that maybe I need to take some lessons too, because they did the sidesteps in a square. My BAD!!!
She loves dancing!

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deWoldeDaily said...

I just had to look at theses pictures of Ally again! She really is such a beautiful little girl. Her excitement for her dance recital is written all over her face! You did a great job being a 'dance mom'!