Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Heart Garland

So. . . just to prove to you that Pinterest is not just a time-wasting activity, but results in some creativity (as simple as it may be!), here was a "craft" I did for Valentines Day as a decoration for the classroom.

First I took a whole bunch of paint chips (thank you very much local Behr supplier!) and my Super heart punch (by Recollections) and started punching away.
Next, I took a needle and embroidery floss and strung them all together (I made two garlands of 17 each), leaving about an inch between hearts. And yes, I did a pattern of light pink, dark link, medium pink as I strung them.
Then I took your regular cheap pink ribbon (again--light, dark and medium), cut it into strips, and made ties between the paint chip hearts.
And here it is!
Easy little project.
A nice bit of decoration for the classroom. . .or home. We don't really decorate for Valentine's Day at our house (although my daughter really wanted me to after making this!) Maybe next year. . .

I also made some strands of stars in this same way, only they hung down.
I used blues and yellows for that one--made 6 strands, so that there were 100 stars all together (That is a lot of punching and stringing!). I hung them in the doorway of my classroom on 100 Day. I made 5 different patters in these strands. If over the course of the day, my students could guess which one broke the pattern, they would get to pick one of my 100 treats of that day.
My frugal nature: these star strands are going to be great to decorate alongside of our "Starry Night" art projects (when studying VanGogh)

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