Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Good-bye Summer, Hello School

Gone are the carefree days of summer,
staying in pajamas late
going outside to play early
Mom having a cup of coffee in semi-peace
when the kids would play all day
pretending to be everything imaginable
 and exploring the world around us.
Oh, how I savoured those last few days!
Good-bye summer!
Hello school days!
Welcoming first days of school and students!
 This year was a little different as mom and son both had first days of school! It was I who welcomed  a batch of my own group of primary students, and it was Dad who brought E to school on the first day.
(And as a result, fewer pictures than I would have taken!)
 But he met his friends and met his teachers and started all the exciting things school had to offer a "bored-summer-mind,"and it was okay that summer was over for him! School was way more exciting. . .plus there are still hours after school and in the evening to play and bike and swim!
 Princess A was a little bit jealous and a lot bit going to miss her playmate. She needed a first day of school for E picture, and took a few days to get used to playing without him. But soon enough she got to start a "school" of her own. . .
What kind of princess can resist wearing pink and prancing around???
And I rush out the door--some days with no coffee at all--wondering,
"Where has summer gone?"

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