Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Airplanes. . .

A highlight of the summer for us has been the airshow.
We were very lucky this year and my daughter won (well, her name was drawn to win) a colouring contest that got her a family pass to the show. Maybe is was random, or maybe it was the excessive pink and purple used to colour the photos of these old fighter air crafts. Who knows?!?

The family (some of us) also went to the airshow thanks to the wonderful berry farmers who let some lawn chairs be set up on the edge of the property for a few hours. :)
 Here is E's (and one of Princess A's) collection for the airshow. He spent some time on the website researching the air crafts he would see and wanted to be sure that he could make up his own airshow at home based on what he had read and what he saw.
 Checking things out. . .
 Gotta love kids and binoculars!
 See Princess A eating? I think she really goes along for the snacks.
 Here is one of the photos they got from the fields of the snowbirds. Not too bad. . .

But then, back to the actual airshow. Dad hadn't been there last year to look at the museum, so we took him along this time! Here we are checking out some of the army vehicles.
 Here are the kids trying to fly one of the HUGE ones (this is a US one--there were more of those and they were bigger.)
 Not a bad shot, I think. Especially when you are trying to take a picture right beside two people who have the big, specialized Nikons and Cannons with all the bells and whistles. This is the result of a cute little point and shoot!
 Here is some of the family in one of the big ones again.
 This is how Princess A enjoyed the airshow. . .although I don't think Dad minded too much either.
 My cutie!
 My other one! Sporting his Airshow T-shirt. . .
 And another shot from the show. . .it was a fun afternoon.

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