Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Written on Cardboard. . .

At church this past Sunday, a bunch of members presented a version of the above video.
It was pretty powerful--so much in fact that I thought it was definitely worth blogging about.

The first time I saw one of these videos was in a devotional setting. After that, in response, we were encouraged to write our own "cardboard testimony" on an index card. I think the things that struck me most about that entire activity was first, how I sat in awe and wonder of all that God had done for the people in the video shown. It welled up in me an emotion that just wanted to praise God for all He can do--and does do every day--shown to me in a brief 5-8 minutes. Second, it focused me on all that God had changed and made right in my own life. Whether my testimony was great or small, God did it--and only God could have done it, through His grace and love.

YouTube is filled with variations and versions of this, so watch to your hearts' content. But whether you watch one or watch many, the powerful message of Christ's ability to work in a person's life--to work out His grace and His renewal--that shines in each person's life is evident in the testimonies written on cardboard. These messages serve as a reminder to me that the God I serve is a God who can and does work in the lives of every-day people and He changes them! All because of His great love for us.

What would your cardboard testimony be?

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