Friday, December 3, 2010

orange(s) for christmas

They are in the stores. . .
those {sweet} Christmas oranges.
They are gone in no time
in our home.
What about you?
Do you love orange(s)?

Some sweet Christmas oranges
for you. . .
(for your eyes--
not your taste buds.)
{Friday (Christmas) Pretties}
image from flicker here.

image found here. (I love browsing etsy for Christmas!)

image found here.

image found from here. . .LED lighted, of course!

image found here. made from real oranges!
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and also here (a giveaway too!)

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I Love Pretty Little Things said...

All of the orange things are so pretty. I had never thought of Christmas and orange together, but I love that ornament!

Thanks for stopping by my blog from Koralee's. It's always fun to meet someone new. :)