Monday, December 13, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Last week I didn't get around to posting my menu plan, which is okay, because I didn't really follow it anyway.

The plan:

Monday-Chicken strips, noodles and beans
We had: BBQ Chicken Sandwiches using left-over chicken made on the stove top and Harvest Potatoes

Tuesday-Chili and buns
We had: Spaghetti Casserole, corn, buns

Wednesday-breakfast Bagels or Pizza Bagels
We had: fancy grilled cheese and salad

Thursday- Chicken and rice
We had: Bacon and Cheese chicken, substitute ham strips for bacon and did it in the oven, mashed potatoes and beans

We had: left-overs
We had: Taco Salad

Sunday-French Toast Casserole and sausage
We had: French Toast Casserole and sausage

This week's plan:

Monday-left-overs. What a way to start the week. Blah!

Tuesday-Chicken Fajitas

Wednesday-Waikiki Meatballs, Rice, cut veggies

Thursday-CP Thai Chicken, noodles, mixed veggies

Friday- kids? something easy-ish. We are going out~ We're doing a "date" and going to the MWS Wonderful Christmas concert--so excited!

Saturday-work party--love these! Fancy eating here we come!

Sunday-pancakes and bacon
(*Sorry, no links yet. . .if I get ambitious later on in the week, they just might come, but right now, sleep is looking more inviting. Sorry!)
One of the many reasons I've been too busy to post. . .I decided to have my kids make the Christmas cards this year. It is always a great idea, until they've been doing it for two weeks and I'm so tired (read: frustrated, annoyed) of it all!!! But they love it, so . . .what do you do? (Besides vow to never do it again?!?!?)
Have a good week. . .
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