Monday, June 21, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Last week I didn't get to all the meals I had planned. One day, my MIL brought over a meal, so that was GREAT! So no review on the Indian Chicken in the CP. We'll save that for another time.

This week. . .tonight's meal is ready to go. I even took a photo. . .all I need to do is put a cornflake/cracker/butter crumb mixture on top. This is based on the recipe Ham and Cheesy Pasta Bake. I never got around to it when I had planned to a few weeks ago. I have a few alterations to the recipe already. . .because of my dutch/frugal nature! The meal we got. . .the kids were not a fan of the noodles and sauce. . .it was too spicy/tangy/tomato-y/vinegar-ish-y for them. So to use the left-overs, I used the noodles from that (tried to use the non-"sauce" parts) and added all the rest of the recipe. Well, minus the mushrooms because the hubby isn't a big fan. I added some corn instead. Hopefully it will go over well. Other changes I made: I used less noodles so it will be more sauce-y (to balance out the extra spices/flavours of the noodles), and added the crumb mixture to the top.
It's a short week for me as little a and I are off to Cow-town to celebrate a wedding with friends. And of course to visit my sister and bro-in-law and their adorable daughter. My hubby has the other two kiddos at home for suppers, so I can imagine there will be A&W kinds of nights and mac 'n cheese or pizza. . . :)

Monday-Ham and Cheesy Pasta Bake, garlic bread, cut up veggies and dip
Tuesday-French Toast Casserole, fruit salad
Wednesday-Left-overs or sandwiches
Thursday-Saturday- ?
Sunday-if the weather is good--a BBQ of some sort. :) Shhh. . .don't tell hubby. He was kinda put on the back-burner for Father's Day because little a was baptized and we had people over after church and all the goodies that go along with that, so hopefully I can do something nice for him. I have some time to think about this!

Hopefully I'll have some recipes to come home with from my sister. . .I usually do!
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