Saturday, December 22, 2012


Some great women hosted a Ladies Ornament Exchange evening at our church. I thought that sounded like a fun evening. . .but I REALLY wanted to make an ornament! My original idea was a stocking, but then one day I just started doodling and changed my mind to making matching country mittens. So. . .here they are:
There is my pattern--a free hand mitten and long heart. Add a button and coloured embroidery floss. . .
Then stitch like crazy!
And I got them done on time! I loved how they turned out!
After that, I made a few more in blue with brown buttons and looped the hanging string just on one side. (No pictures. . .what was I thinking???) Most of those disappeared to my co-workers and prayer partner at school.
I love crafting during the holidays!

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