Sunday, November 11, 2012


My little princess is having a bunch of fun in school. She learned to draw owls recently. . .
so at home she tried to do it again, and do some writing about owls, and for some reason this all got her into  the poem, In Flanders Field.
I *think* it says, "Owls fly.Owls hoot. Owls have good eyesight on the trees."

 Today her brother showed her how to make flowers--poppies--out of Kleenex. Here is her droopy one that she put on a sign on her door. . .

 and then inside her room--it is her Flanders Field--with the poppies that she made "row-on-row."
(Is that adorable or what?!?!? Oh to see all of life through the eyes of a child!)
She spent a bunch of time drawing, colouring and cutting poppies. Little did I know that this is what it was going to turn into!
Lest we forget!

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