Friday, February 11, 2011

Looking for Flowers in Winter

I may have mentioned my house is a mess--more so on the weekends when my hubby is home destroying it bit by bit.

I don't get to destroy it. . .I get to keep the kiddos entertained and out of the mess!

So, after a walk because the weather was great and the baby HAD to sleep, my kids thought they needed to pick some flowers. I guess common sense didn't seem so common that day. It's winter guys! After a very devastating search, I remembered a cute little post my friend had on her blog. And then we filled some more time that afternoon with flowers!
If you pop on over to her blog, she used buttons as the centers of the flowers. I didn't have enough buttons on hand that were easy to get to, so we used pony beads instead. Pretty simple craft though: cut strips of coloured paper, punch three holes, thread the paper on the pipe cleaners to create loops, make a "flower center," and there you go!

See? So easy!
Look at all this concentration!
And here is our final project. . .a flower for every person in the family.
Such a nice pre-Valentine thing to make.
Here is my hubby's version of romantic:
Ooohhh. . .I'm a very lucky girl! ;)
Have a great weekend!

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deWoldeDaily said...

Your flowers look beautiful! It might be time to make those here again too and add some colour to some rainy days!

Also, your framed verses look great. I also have verses above my kids' beds but I like your idea of using material as a background.